4 Stock 1KW Travelgraphs!

2 Now a Turntable Set...

Hangin' at the Liquids end...

Basic Equipment:
2 1KW Beselers for liquids
2-Set Turntabled 1KW TG Resolutes for Backgrounds
1 1KW TravelGraph Resolute for Backgrounds
1 1KW Transpaque for Backgrounds/Liquids
3-Set 500W Carousels or Argus for Feature Slides
2 15WS-per-flash focusing fan-cooled Strobes with Color

Additional Equipment:
2 1KW Beselers, 2 1KW Travelgraphs
2 1KW Lantern Slide Projectors for Spots and Effects
Misc slide Projectors
Various dedicated-effect machines over the years
Folding & Rolled Screen apprx. 24x12 (for small venues)

Abandoned Equipment and Effects:
All graphics of specific or recognizable images
2KW overhead project (boiled the liquids)
Numerous Overheads less than 1KW
Various film projectors
Black lights, Blinking lights and Foggers
Custom-built machines including:
Flying Dot Machine (precursor to lasers)
Kaleidoscope & Rorschach projectors
Edmund Scientific type Sawyers with misc. effects

Equipment notes:
All graphics custom produced and abstract except titling.
All projectors had fans bypassed and dimmer taps added
All projectors had swing-away color wheels and lobster wheels
Sets of projectors were "modularized", transported as one unit

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Note: Equipment was set up for demonstration to a rave buyer, but we decided not to sell. Shot 35mm in 1989.
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