A typical show...


Arrive venue early afternoon. run power, hang screen if needed. Pile up tables to build scaffold if needed. Set-up equipment and support gear. Drape and wall stand. Power up, focus up and set up first round of images. Get playlist if possible. Break for dinner and mellow tyme.


The mission of the show is to complement and reflect the rythm and intensity of the band's music, no attempt is made to be lyrically interperative! The imagery is all abstract and custom created. Shows start and end with still backgrounds, which then animate to rhythm. Liquids come and go as needed, the main slides fade in & out as a feature animation during appropriate times. Special effects and dedicated effect machines are also used. All activity fades off-screen or stops by song's end. Background evolves into new graphic with next song. Title graphics for band at start and end of set, sometimes during. Colorwheels are used purposefully, most often mono-chromatically, not automatically cycled. Liquids are 2 or 3 color, usually the background dark enough to go opaque when bowl is lifted. Dimmers on everything allow fades and a layering for depth. Images overlay into one big mass! Strobes are powerful enough to shoot through color gels.


Hand-done sketches are guides to station setups, click thumbnails at right to enlarge...
Show Setup

Guide to equipment setup.
Background Projectors
Guide for background overheads setup.
Slide Setup

Guide for setting up feature slide combo.
Liquid Projectors
Guide to setting up liquid overheads.
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