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In order to create a railroad that delivers lasting satisfaction, more than just construction must be considered. This is why the emphasis on the planning stage of layout development.
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The Basic Plan

Here is where the railroad's purpose is defined. Elements such as period, prototype, scope and features are considered. Just as important are the owner's personal preferences, space, budget and timing. We work these factors out in the preparation stage and when adequately considered lead to the actual trackplanning stage.

The Trackplan

All things flow from the trackplan. A good plan of course meets the goals set for appearance, purpose and operation but must go well beyond that. Many plans seen in books and magazines are good concepts but in reality do not meet good standards for construction or operation. Difficult accessibility, unworkable arrangements or lack of long-term interest flaw many a good-looking plan. Some plans are great just for "railfan" running, but if you want more, I will apply my experience to make sure the plan 's features deliver.

The Construction Plan

This is a thorough construction plan for framing, roadbed, track, electrical and scenery. Additional considerations include environmental prep which may include room finish, lighting, additional electrical and atmospheric conditioning.



Plans start with pencil and template drawings on vellum and finish in a computer vector drawing to scale.

View of a researched and scratchbuilt model of bridge which is a central theme featire of this RR (unfinished).

Complete planning includes thorough wiring diagrams making troubleshooting and modifications easier.

Part of good planning is the ability to visualize the overall look of the layout, notice the "walk-in" effect and the orientation of the lower deck.


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